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Vintage ZinnerStrathon‘ 6* Tenor Saxophone adjustotonemouthpiece

£480 More info if needed.


Claude Lakey Alto Saxophone 4*3 Jazz Mouthpiece 

£70 More info if needed.


Vintage Guardarla Studio Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece

Serial number: S419 

£600 More info if needed.

Dukoff ‘Miami Florida’ D7 Soprano Saxophone mouthpiece 

£300 More info if needed.


Selmer mk6 1970s very good condition and plays well. £5500


1970s Selmer Mk6 Alto £4500

1935 Conn 10m £3250


Selmer Balanced Action alto £3250

Conn New Wonder Alto £950

Selmer Balanced Action alto.

Silver plate is in great condition.


Selmer Balanced Action Alto £3800

Conn 10m 1938 £3000 needs a service

Selmer Mk6 Soprano mid 70s £3995