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Servicing your saxophone will help keep it sound, in all senses of the word.

Saxophone servicing

  1. Removing all keywork from the instrument.
  2. If the instrument has a removable bell then it is removed from the body and the joint checked to make sure of no leaks or damage.
  3. Rollers are removed and cleaned.
  4. All rods are spun on a lathe to test for straightness.
  5. Left-hand and right-hand pillar sections are checked for true alignment.
  6. All hinge tubes are checked to make sure they are not bent – if they are then they will be straightened.Octave pipes are cleaned out.
  7. Tone holes cleaned.
  8. Pads cleaned if necessary.
  9. Any pads below standard – replace.
  10. Any cork or felt below standard – replace.
  11. Any pads that need re-seating – re-seat.
  12. Regulate,
  13. oil.
  14. Finally the instrument is tested to the max with two different mouthpieces with a classical and jazz embouchure. Usually at this point there are one or two small adjustments to ensure it feels and blows correctly. My interpretation of an instrument that has been correctly serviced is – it should play as it did when it was new whether this be a student or a vintage saxophone, all receiving the same level of care.

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